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Milk in Morocco

Hleeb is the Arabic word for milk. Milk consumption remains low in Morocco, with only 55 liters consumed per capita per year. Milk consumption increased by 7.6% during the last 5 years. Milk is dominated by Copag and Central Dairy who together hold 80% stake in the Moroccan market.

Moroccan dairy

The Moroccan market is dominated by the white milk, which has several varieties: UHT milk, pasteurized milk, whole milk, skimmed milk, flavored or evaporated milk and dry milk.

For the cost, it can be argued that prices of the three main operators (Jaouda, Central Dairy and Jibal) are almost aligned. Thus, a liter of UHT milk is today, following an increase between 40 and 50 Cts around 9 DH.

Domestic production covers 90% of the market needs.

Development strategy of the dairy sector, as defined under the Green Morocco Plan table on a production of 5 billion liters in 2020. In 2012, production was around 2.5 billion liters. Morocco has 8 years to double its production.

To achieve these objectives, the Government and the Moroccan Interprofessional Dairy Federation (Fimalait) signed a contract program that covers the period 2010-2014.

Program's main mission massive increase in production at competitive costs. The objective is to produce 3 billion liters in 2014 to produce 5 billion liters in 2020, for a total investment of 12 billion dirhams, representing an annual growth of 15%.

By signing this contract program . ultimately the government sought to ensure national self-sufficiency in milk and help to promote better access to dairy.

At this date, consumption remains very low: only 100 grams per day per capita, compared to 50% nutritional needs.

The milk market in Morocco

Moroccan milk collection amounted to 2.8 billion liters in 4 against Algeria and 23 in France.

Morocco's annual consumption of flavored milk was 0.3 liters per person in 2012 and segment now represents 2% of the market for liquid dairy products.

The milk in Morocco is dominated by Central Dairy Danone subsidiary with approximately 60% market share followed by Copag cooperative (Jaouda), with about 25%, Safi lait (Jibal) with 7% and a half-dozen smaller players including Best Milk, Domaine Douiet, Colainord, Colaimo.

In Morocco, the milk white dominates, with 957 million liters consumed in 2012. Domestic production covers almost 90% of the market needs, and imports just under 10%.

Milk consumption in Morocco

Despite sustained during the last ten years growth, consumption of milk and its derivatives remains low in Morocco, with 55 liters consumed per capita per year.

Though it has increased during the last five years of almost 7.5%, the milk consumption Moroccans still below the WHO recommendations.

With only about 55 liters of milk per year per capita, is far behind Moroccan Tunisians or residents of the Gulf countries, which are among the largest consumers milk in the world.

Moroccan milk brands

From Best Milk to Copag. 5 links