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Milk in New Zealand

The leading global supplier of dairy products are New Zealand and Europe. The New Zealand production is relatively small, with 17 million tonnes in 2009, but its low domestic consumption promotes exports. In 2011, the annual milk consumption was 76 liters per capita.

Production of New Zealand milk

In New Zealand, the very favorable weather boosted milk production in 2012 with 8%. The milestone of 20 billion liters was exceeded.

Livestock widened. Following the drought, milk production has declined significantly in April 2013. Therefore, milk production in 2013 could be lower than 2012.

Its main market is the Chinese market, with 22% of sales value, which represents 50% of total imports.

Fonterra Monopoly

The New Zealand dairy industry is characterized by the quasi-monopoly of Fonterra , the world's milk collector (17 billion liters of milk), the world leader and ingredients, especially the whole milk powder.

Fonterra implemented since July 2008 a system of Internet sales for its own products, mainly to Asia. New Zealand cooperative setting itself the quantities sold for each delivery schedule.

The New Zealand dairy model is based on research performance at all levels: a highly competitive dairy production with large herds fed grass, as well as tools of high performance drying and unbeatable for the quality of the powders produced.

New Zealand milk Brands

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