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Milk powder

French production of milk powder is 440,000 tons per year. Milk powder supply, after reconstitution, the same nutrients as liquid milk nature. Depending on the desired fat content, will be chosen a skim milk (0% fat) or a semi-skimmed milk (1.5% fat).

The market for milk powder

One kilogram of powder can reconstruct June-July kilos of liquid. To reconstitute near the original liquid milk, if it was not fat, just add the right amount of warm water.

Powdered milk can be stored longer than liquid milk and simpler than sweetened condensed milk that needs to be packed in tube, cans or cartons packaging.

The best-known European brands are Nido , Incolac of society Belgomilk, Beautiful Dutch company Friesland Campina-and Milgro .

Exporting milk powder from Europe is estimated at 450 000 tonnes including a part in 25 kg bags for the food industry, and the remainder in small packages.

About 170 000 tonnes are exported in small packages (bags and boxes).

Composition of milk powder

Milk powder formerly milk flour, comprises dehydrated milk. The powder can come from whole milk, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk (reduced) milk. It can also be sweetened or contain additives.

Vitamin C, vitamin D added to milk for example milk is composed of about 87.5% water, with variations according to the lactation period, the animal, the case.

His dehydration lowers the rate to 3% to retain only very little water and proteins minerals and milk fat if it has not been totally skimmed.

The milk powder brands

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