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Milk in Russia

Production in Russia remained stable in general the last 1 0 years or more, with a total production in the narrow range of 3 from 1 to 34,000,000,000 liters. Russia plays an important role in the global dairy market.

Russian milk production

In 2012, the Russian milk production was stabilized at 32.2 million tonnes, after falling for two consecutive years. In 2012, milk collection, which represents 54% of national production recovered slightly.

Russia plays an important role in the global dairy market, with total deliveries of milk plants are only slightly lower than those China, Brazil and Russia is a major importer of dairy products.

Meanwhile, the gradual improvement of the Russian economy, standardization of business practices and s living standards higher arising will ensure that the consumption of dairy products will continue to rise.

The domestic industry has not the capacity to meet the growing local demand for dairy commodities and can not compete with imports fa ire price lowest to s neighbors in the Commonwealth of Independent States (IE C), especially Belarus and Ukraine, who benefit from the tax exemption, or the European Union.

Russian milk market

Agriculture dairy products declined after the fall of the Soviet regime, lack of investment and expertise. The situation has changed in the world in recent years, the agricultural potential of Russia has been redesigned.

The possibility to acquire cheap arable land as private property and the decline of the ruble supported the conviction of the potential of Russia.

Local and foreign agricultural investors have developed significant production units, while expansionary s also provide important agricultural projects.

Danone is present in Russia for over 20 years but this is by acquiring Unimilk in the middle 2010 the company made ​​a big step forward.

Danone provides investment h author of $ 700 million in the next five to seven years to upgrade its existing facilities in view of the expected growth sales.

PepsiCo made ​​its first foray into World Russia by acquiring the largest milk processor, Wimm-Bill-Dann , in 2010.

Most other major manufacturers in the European Union also provided Russia in their plans long term.

Russian milk brands

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