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Milk in Spain

In 2011, Spain, the annual milk consumption is 84 liters per capita. The country has 636 dairy companies. 85% of them collect 5,000 t / year or less milk. These companies collect only 6% of the total milk produced, which in 2012 was 6.82 million tonnes. Only 6 companies collect more than 300,000 tonnes per year, or 46% of the total.

Spanish dairy

93 companies in Spain are specialized in the production of milk , and 68 of them produce only 72,000 t of 3.5 million tons produced in the country.

Example, 75% of companies produce only 2% milk and 7 companies produce 65% of the milk.

The organic milk market is still underdeveloped in Spain and represents only 0.2% of the overall market, while in France its share of nearly 8%.

Spanish consumers would have spent 6.3% more in organic products in one year in 2012, according to Nielsen.

Spanish goat's milk

With a production of 320 370 million liters of goat milk collected, Spain has both an enabling domestic market and export demand, particularly in France that take milk prices in increase.

Spain is the third largest European producer of goat milk, behind Greece and France.

Excepting the Canary Islands, three goats zones are distinguished in Spain.

Northern, on the Cantabrian coast to the Pyrenees Orientales, is characterized a meat goat farming in decline. Central West is a mixed milk and meat so that basin in the south of Andalusia in the south of Valencia, the predominant orientation is dairy.

Moreover, the first organization of producers of sheep milk is created in February 2013 Castilla-Y Leon, and has about 900 farmers for a total of 72 million liters of milk.

Spanish brands of milk

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