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The milk in Switzerland

If Switzerland is known worldwide as the land of the cow, it is also the land of milk . There is milk in the bottle, brick, UHT, pasteurized, whole, semi-skimmed milk, enriched with calcium, vitamin, lactose. Stores in western Switzerland were identified in July 2012 over a hundred milks all formats and the list is not exhaustive.

Swiss dairy

In Switzerland, the average is around 6000 liters of milk in 2011, 3.4 billion liters to 565,000 cows.

After several years of decline, the price of milk is raised in Switzerland. This unexpected increase is due to the weather : too much rain in Europe, not enough Oceania. Results, the forage is of lower quality and cows produce less.

Alongside the international demand continues to increase. The situation is rather favorable to Swiss producers were able to sell their milk at a higher price.

In Switzerland, are produced each year of 4.11 billion liters of milk, or approx 525 liters of milk per person! 4/5 of the milk is processed into cheese, butter, cream, yogurt, or milk powder.

Swiss milk market

The milk is sold under three main categories in Switzerland: whole milk, drink milk and skimmed milk.

On average, each drank Switzerland 65.89 pounds of milk in 2012, 2.14 pounds less than the previous year, said the German-speaking LID agricultural information service. The negative trend in recent years is thus confirmed.

Besides Switzerland, the producers have more confidence in the milk market. They are many to leave the area, the number of dairy cows and suddenly decreasing milk production as well.

Swiss milk brands

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