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Milk in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the dairy market is booming, but dairy producers in the country, of which 90% are in contract with processors have recently been forced to reduce their herds as processors require them to accept lower prices production costs

Dairy production in Vietnam

To meet the growing demand, processors import milk powder and invest in their own farms. The recent company TH Milk is building the largest dairy farm in Asia.

12,000 cows were imported from New Zealand, and every 50 days, an additional 1,000 cows arrive. By 2012, the company aims to have 45,000 cows and a production capacity of 500 million liters of milk per year.

His goal for 2017 is to have 137,000 cows on his farm and provide 30% of the domestic consumption of milk. The whole operation is implemented and managed by Israeli company Afimilk.

The main competitor TH Milk in the country, Vinamilk , itself has five large farms, with a total of 6,000 cows. But the company expects most of its supply will continue to come from abroad.

Vinamilk therefore began to invest in the processing and production abroad and has acquired 19% stake in the company dairy Miraka in Taupo, in northern New Zealand.

Milk consumption in Vietnam

Vietnamese brands of milk

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