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The soda in Denmark

Sales of soft drinks have declined in Denmark in 2012. This is the worst sales performance since the peak of the recession in 2009. Health and well-being have a major impact on soft drinks in 2012. There is growing demand for natural gas rather than beverage industry.

Soda market in Denmark

Due to the Danish tax soda, soft drinks trade is booming at the German border and about a third of soda consumed in Denmark.

Consumer concerns for health underpinned strong demand for natural soft drinks, perceived as both more healthy and tasty at the expense of the beverage industry.

100% fruit juice was the category with the highest growth in 2012, while the category of soft drinks low in calories is one that has farthest.

Private brands like Harboe, earn market share because of the sensitivity of Danish favoring consumption of quality rather than volume and price.

Premium brands like Innocent smoothies and Froosh and Nikoline, for example, gained market share in the fruit juice and vegetable juice, the latter also in sodas, thanks to a strong position more natural and not industrial.

Marks mid-range, as Rynkeby have known one second difficult year in 2012, always for the same reasons.

Soda tax in Denmark

The soda tax was introduced in the 1930's, and the Danes were taxed 1.64 DKK (about € 0.22) per liter of sweetened soft drink. The tax was halved on 1 July 2013 and then completely eliminated in early 2014.

Once the tax on sodas revoked, a soda bottle 1.5 liter will cost about 65 cents cheaper. Perhaps the revival of growth for the sector ?

Danish brands of soda

From Co-Ro to Nikoline. 7 links