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Soda in Finland

The three main actors in the Finnish market for soft drinks are international companies: Coca-Cola, and Eckes Granini Hartwall, followed by Valio and Kesko. Soda Angry Birds is sold as Coke or Pepsi in Finland.


Jaffa is a popular soft drink produced in Finland by Hartwall and Sweden by Spendrups. Jaffa is usually flavored with orange, but different flavors are sold.

The brand is not owned by a specific company, so there different manufacturers of a range of products Jaffa.

Jaffa was introduced in 1949 and has since expanded its range to 11 different flavors.

Hartwall Jaffa brand is the preferred drink in Finland and the third soft drink cola sold on the Finnish market after Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Soda market in Finland

Soft drinks have experienced another year of declining sales volume in 2012.

Despite a growing interest for cheaper private label products, some customers have been rather more interest in high-end products. Manufacturers in effect emphasized in the development of new products, the introduction of solutions that provide value-added features such as organic production

The three main actors in the Finnish market for soft drinks are international companies :
Coca-Cola Finland, Eckes Granini-Finland and Hartwall (owned by Heineken)

They represent a little less than half of the value of sales on the market in 2012.

The third actor is the national company

The fourth largest player in the soft drink 2012 is the private label Kesko, which offers brand Pirkka increasingly popular.

Most soft drinks are purchased in supermarkets and by supermarkets, which together represent more than half of the sales volume in 2012.

As discounters compete only with low prices, hypermarkets also benefit from the fact that they offer a wide selection of products at competitive prices and often lead campaigns with special offers.

Biggest losers of this are retailers, small grocery stores simply cannot compete with the large hypermarkets and other modern retailers in terms of price, product selection and convenience.

Finnish brands of soda

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