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Soda in the Netherlands

Soft drinks have recorded a positive performance in 2012. Coca-Cola remains the main actor in soft drinks, followed by Friesland Campina and Vrumona.

Soda market in the Netherlands

The Dutch market for non-alcoholic beverages recorded a positive performance in 2012, although the overall growth of the total value was slightly lower than the average of the last four years, 2012 can still be considered a reasonably good year.

Juices fruits, vegetable juices and energy drinks were the main growth sectors and contributed to the overall growth of soft drinks.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Nederland remained the main actor in soft drinks, with almost double the share second place, Royal Friesland Campina.

Issue 3 soft drinks, Vrumona BV, managed to slightly increase its share.

Vrumona is a Dutch manufacturer of soft drinks. Vrumona has a wide range of products, including own brands: Royal Club, Royal Club Juice, Crystal Clear, Climax, and licensed brands. Pepsi, 7Up, Gatorade and Rivella.

Thirty small manufacturers of soft drinks threw bases there some 55 years of the current organization of Vrumona. These manufacturers of soft drinks began a partnership under the name of KAD.

In 1953, a partnership was established between KAD and breweries Heineken and Amstel. The name was later changed to Vrumona. Vrumona in 1968 became a subsidiary of Heineken after taking control of all his actions.

Soda consumption in the Netherlands

Difficult in the Netherlands economic conditions and low consumer confidence had a negative effect on trade value and volume of sales in particular. Consumers have become more price sensitive and this impacts on the growth rate.

The health and well-being in general had a positive influence on the development of soft drinks, energy drinks, juices 100% fruit juice, vegetable juice , ready to drink tea and organic soft drinks have recorded positive growth rates.

Dutch brands of soda

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