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Soda in Spain

After approval of the use of stevia as a food additive by the European Food Safety Association, the Spanish soft drink manufacturers have begun to develop new products that are low in sugar and calories, integrating this element in their formulas.

Soda market in Spain

Large multinationals as international Eckes-Granini, Servicios de Bebidas Pepsico and see great potential in this market, consumers demanding more and more references to healthy and natural.

Consumers have become much more aware of unit prices of products and they do not hesitate to spend a retailer looking for the best deals.

Consequently, the industry is gradually moving towards concentration, with the largest domestic manufacturers and large multinationals, which have a strong financial power on the one hand, and the other brand, the collection of the majority of shares in the company.

Carbonated drinks struggling against the drop in demand, on the one hand, and a preference for basic references, the other, that affect the industry in terms of volume and value terms of sale.

Soda consumption in Spain

Spanish brands of soda

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