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Soda in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the soft drink consumption is 81 liters per person per year. Soft drinks showed growth trade off 1% in 2012. The Swiss giant Migros continued to dominate the soft drink market in 2012.

Soda market in Switzerland

The Swiss giant Migros Genossenschft , continued to dominate the soft drink market in 2012. Migros was founded in 1925 and founded its long around the sale of its own private label.

Large Swiss retailer Migros and Coop play an important role in soft lines with their extensive beverage private label beverages.

Besides offering quality products at less than the major brands, Migros and Coop have cost the advantage of having the best possible distribution channels. These channels advantageous distribution of private led to great success and nibble market share of branded products.

Moreover, due to the increasing competition between them and the German discounters Aldi and Lidl, the giants of the Swiss distribution Migros and Coop will continue to drop prices to remain competitive. To the benefit of consumers.

Soda consumption in Switzerland

Traditionally, soft drinks are considered unhealthy and are struggling to increase their sales with the health-conscious consumer.

Manufacturers have responded to this trend by introducing soft drinks that claim to have a wide range of health benefits from burning calories relaxing properties. Following these mixed influences, the category of soft drinks has increased moderately.

Swiss brands of soda

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