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Soda in Tunisia

Tunisia has 18 large production units of soft drinks , which SFBT is the most important and a number of small units producing known local brands.

Soda market in Tunisia

Society manufacture of beverages Tunisia (SFBT) is a Tunisian group of agribusiness focuses on four main products.

Founded in 1951 under the French protectorate, the private group occupies a leading position in the marketing of beverages: it controls about 85% of the national beer market, 90% of the sodas and 40-50% of the mineral waters.

Soft drinks account for 42% of turnover in 2005 and assure him the undisputed leader, resulting the balance of a range of national soda, Boga, which represents 25% of the market, and especially the exclusive marketing of soft drinks Coca-Cola group.

The SFBT operates two plants in Tunis and Bou Argoub in Cape Bon. In early 2012, a production of PET bottles is created Gabes.

Soda consumption in Tunisia

Fruit juices represent 0.8% of sales but offer great potential for development in the context of an adaptation of sweetened beverages a Western pattern (lower sodas offset by rising juices ) turnover and experiencing a 23% increase between 2009 and 2011.

Tunisian brands of soda

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