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Soda in United Kingdom

The UK market is relatively fragmented, the four largest retailers account for 80% of the market in terms of value. For 2012, the soft drink industry in the UK has been characterized by low but stable in terms of value and volume growth. Coca-Cola remains the leading soft drinks in the United Kingdom for the year 2012.

Soda market in the UK

British soft drinks market experienced moderate growth in recent years, both in terms of value and volume. Acceleration is provided and soft drinks market UK is forecast to have a volume of 15.6 billion liters in 2017, an increase of 20.5% since 2012.

In the category of non-alcoholic beverages in the Overall, it was coffee, followed by energy drinks and energy drinks, which showed the strongest performance in 2012.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd has continued to be the main player in the soft drink industry in the United Kingdom, with a share of off-trade value of 22% in 2012.

The Coca-Cola Company derives its strong position of its successful brands in almost all sub-categories of sodas. It is also present in other categories, such as fruit juice / vegetable sports and energy drinks.

Coca-Cola continued to fuel consumer demand through constant discounts, promotions and the development and launch of new products, as well as numerous marketing and sales.

Soda tax in the UK?

The UK envisages a tax sue soft drinks.

A study published on the website of the British Medical Journal shows that a 20% tax would reduce the number of British adults obese by 1.3%, or 180,000 people and even 0.9% of the number of overweight adults (285,000 people).

British brands of soda

From Calypso to Vimto. 20 liens