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The soda  Soda Links

The soda is a carbonated beverage made ​​of water, sugar and various types of plant extracts, fruit, alcohol-free. The French consume about 56 in 2012 liters of soda per year, more than twice the consumption of fruit juice, less than 25 liters per year.

Definition of a soda

A soda is a sweet carbonated beverage generally. In West Africa, sodas are called sweets. In Canada, they are also called liquor.

There are thousands of sodas in the world. In a country like France there are over 100 types of sodas on the market.

Sodas were traditionally made ​​of water, sugar and different types of plant extract / fruit without alcohol. Then recently some brands have replaced sugar with sweeteners to produce called light.

Sodas may contain cola, caffeine, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola soft drinks containing fruit extracts or essential oils and other plant extracts, such as 7 Up or Sprite, The Ricqlès or Toto Vino soda ....

Among the oldest soft drinks to be sold include root beer (1850), Dr Pepper (1885), Coca -Cola (1886) or Pepsi-Cola (1898).

There is a progression of soft drinks from the Maghreb countries in linear GMS (supermarkets and hypermarkets) French, with nearly 10 million liters sold in 2011, 0.5% of the overall market sodas.

Sodas brands

African brands of soda

African sodas  Link toward the page of soda in Africa

European brands of soda

European sodas  Link toward the page of soda brands in Europe

American brands of soda

American sodas  Link toward the page of soda brands in the United States

Canadian brands of soda

Canadian sodas  Link toward the page of soda brands in Canada

Japanese brands of soda

Japanese sodas  Link toward the page of soda brands in Japan


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