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SOFT DRINK All soft drinks on the web
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The alcohol-free aperitif, beer without alcohol, alcohol-free pastis, wine without alcohol, mocktail, coffee, chocolate, cola, milk, lemonade, orangeade, water, fruit juice, smoothie, syrup, soda, root beer, tea, herbal tea, iced tea, energy drinks ...

The soft drinks

A soft drink is a drink, soda, pop, tonic, cola or fizzy drink, which by definition do not contain alcohol. There are hot and cold drinks, carbonated or non-carbonated soft drinks

Definition of a soft drink

A soft drink is a nutritious liquid so that we drink in the first place to drink, that is to say, quench thirst, but often also for pleasure. Beverages, beers and sodas not alcohol are not completely devoid of alcohol.

A soft drink is a drink containing mostly water but also plant extracts, fruit juice, sugar or sweeteners, flavourings with or without bubbles.

The maximum threshold for a drink or non-alcoholic recognized under EU law is 0.5% alcohol by volume. As for the beer, the alcohol content does not exceed 1.2 °. Or a degree equivalent to 8 g of pure alcohol per litre.

There is a wide choice of soft drinks adapted for alcohol-free aperitifs :

Punches without alcohol type sangria fruit juice with mineral water and fruit pieces, fruit cocktails, vegetable juice, iced tea, syrups, shakes, cocktails without alcohol.

The Worldwide market for soft drinks

We distinguish fizzy drinks (78% market share) of Flat drinks (22%) and drinks and so-called no added sugar. The global market for soft drinks is one of the most dynamic sectors of the food industry and its growth prospects remain optimistic.

By 2011 the market is expected to grow in volume by 4.3% on average. Eastern Europe, Asia / Pacific and Latin America are driving the market. Functional drinks positioned on the health / nutrition grow in all segments (Coke Zero, Contrex Frisson ...).

The share of energy-drinks represents only 1% of the sector but contribute 7% to the growth of soft drinks in volume. Both categories are invested by the light colas and sodas.

Non-exhaustive list of non-alcoholic beverages

The various categories of soft drinks :

From Agga To Wilbur.