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Birch syrup

Birch syrup is a syrup obtained from the sap of the birch in the same manner as the maple syrup. Thebirch sap containing less than that of sugar maple, evaporation is longer and lower economic efficiency. The smell of birch syrup is unique, resembling that of the caramel with a touch of spice.

Production of maple syrup

The sap from birch of northern Europe and America forests. The sap is twice as sweet as maple sap.

In Europe, it is used in the production of beer, wine, water spirits and vinegar.

In Alaska, it is used to produce birch syrup after the species Betula papyrifera.

Harvesting is done when the sap rises, before the leaves appear. After drilling a hole in the trunk, sap drips into a container.

The liquid collected is called water birch , a name which refers to the name given to the birch sap when cut harvested by the shaft.

Birch water is concentrated by evaporation to remove water and to increase the carbohydrate concentration until a minimum rate of 66 2%. Hundred liters of sap are needed to obtain one liter of syrup, compared with about 40 liters of maple.

The syrup is ranked according to its color and taste.

Birch syrups brands

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