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Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a clean product and North America, particularly in Quebec. It is a natural product that contains no artificial colors or additives and is made ​​from the sap of the sugar maple.

The classification of maple syrup

There are two types of classification of maple syrup: the classification of the federal government and the provincial government.

Maple syrup producers in Quebec have the choice to comply with any applicable regulations. However, they must comply with federal regulations to export their product in another province or elsewhere in the world.

Features maple syrup

The sap (sap) is composed of water to more than 97% of sucrose, fructose and glucose. It also contains amino acids, proteins, organic acids and vitamins in varying amounts.

Maple syrup is unique because its flavor and color vary during the season. As the season progresses, the fructose and glucose syrup increases, while the sucrose content decreased slightly.

Beginning of the season, the syrup is generally clear and slightly sweet (syrup Class Extra Light, Light and Medium -. AA, A or B)

As the season progresses, it becomes increasingly dark and caramelized (syrup or Dark Amber class -. C or D)

It takes about 40 gallons of sap to produce 1 liter of syrup. The sap is composed on average of 98% of pure water and 2% sugar.

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Maple syrup brands

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