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Tea in Algeria

Selling tea found its followers in the Algerian population, to the point of be emulated among coffee drinkers who did not hesitate to change this habit to drink is said to own people Sud.Unilever is the leading tea Algeria in 2012, with 27% market share.

The tea market in Algeria

These are just people in the South who are behind this new business activity was limited, summer, selling tea on the beach or at the intersection of a road.

Nowadays, with the opening of new shops selling tea, consumption is rooted in the habits of young people and older people. Almost dethroned tea coffee, especially with the often poor quality of the latter.

Kheima El, Timimoune the Sahara, tea or South, are all names of businesses that have flourished recently in Algiers. The Algerian tea market grew by 6% in volume and 14% in value for the year 2012.

Algerian tea consumption

The dynamism of the sector resulting from consumers now prefer teas in bags and availability of flavors due to the introduction of several products on the market by international brands such as Ahmad Tea and Lipton.

Unilever Algeria, leader in 2012, s is appropriate for 27% of market share. The company is present in Algeria with a wide range of products under the Lipton brand, which is available in standard and premium prices.

For example, green tea is available as a standard black tea is perceived as a premium product price.

Algerian tea brands