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Tea in Australia

Drinking tea is an essential part of Australian culture because of its British origins .. In addition, small amounts of tea are grown and produced in Australia.

The tea market in Australia

With the colonization by the British, tea was introduced in Australia. In fact, tea was aboard the First Fleet in 1788.

Tea is a big part of modern Australian culture because of its British origins. Moreover, due to the climate of Australia, tea is able to be grown and produced in northern Australia.

In 1884, created the first commercial tea plantation in Australia Bingil Bay in northern Queensland. In 1883, Alfred Bushell opened the first tea shop in Australia in the current Queensland.

In 1899, the son of Bushell moving company in Sydney. Most of the tea produced in Australia is black tea, but there are small amounts of green tea produced in the alpine region of Victoria.

Australian tea consumption

In 2000, Australia consumed 14,000 tons of tea. Tea production in Australia is very low and predominantly in northern New South Wales and Queensland.

Australian brands of teas

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