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Tea in the UK

The UK is the world's second largest annual tea consumption per capita with 2.5 kg, behind Ireland, 2.7 kg. China and India show only 0.5 kg per person. This represents an average of three cups of tea per day for each Columbia, for a total of about 165 million per day or 60.2 billion per year.

History of tea in the UK

Whether it's a cup of tea or five o'clock tea, tea seems written in the genes of the British. According to a study commissioned in 2011, they consume over 165 million cups every day, or 60.2 billion per year.

The English were not immediately attracted to the tea. Coffee remained the favorite drink in cafes, frequented mainly by men. Craze for tea began gradually in women who perceived it as a refined drink.

In 1657, opened the first store selling tea in England. It sold imported by the Dutch tea.

The popularity of tea began to grow and increase its consumption in pubs in London. The drink gained legitimacy when Charles II married Catherine of Braganza, a member of the Portuguese royal family who loved tea and introduced the concept of Tea time at court.

Shortly after, the English East India Company, which competed with the Dutch trade tea, set foot on the eastern market for the first time by getting a tea factory in Macao.

The tea market in the UK

Even if consumption falls, Britain remains in the early 2000's first market for tea in Western Europe: 87% by volume and 92% by volume for black tea.

In 2005, sales reached 117,000 tonnes against 128,000 in 2000. Black tea bag has the least side, while organic teas, green, fair, fruit growing.

The UK market is down (-16% to -9% for bags and loose tea the last two years).

In the early 1960's, the tea bag is less than 3% of sales, while today 96% of the approximately 160,000 tons of tea imported each year in the UK are sold in bags, more practical and faster to use.

British tea brands

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