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Tea in Morocco

Morocco is considered the largest importer of green tea in the world. These imports cover 99% of Moroccan tea needs, estimated at 2 kg per person per year. Some 400 brands are sold in Morocco by a hundred operators.

Tea consumption in Morocco

Sales of Chinese tea in Morocco dates back to 300 years, but it was not until the twentieth century that tea consumption has really democratized in Morocco.

However, Moroccans have always drank many plants infusion, including hibiscus. Democratising tea, green tea with mint is the drink of the urban bourgeoisie. It diversifies, the seasons and regions are added to the other tea plants or other spices.

During winter, adds absinthe for inter Spring / Autumn is the verbena and sage who are honored, while in summer, the basil flavor tea.

In the Middle Atlas, tea is drunk with rosemary and wild thyme. Similarly it is common to mix a few drops of orange flower water or rub the sugar with citron peel.

When you can afford it, you can even add gray or black that is placed in the hat teapot amber ... Green tea from China enjoyed in Morocco, is the Chunmee of Dhangai, due its large brown leaves, taste and its special fragrance.

The tea market in Morocco

Morocco, the largest importer of Chinese green tea, accounting for 27% of China's exports amounted to 220 000 t of a total production of 1.8 million tonnes per year.

Such imports cover 99% of the estimated needs two Moroccan kg per person per year. However, they would be down to 54 000 tonnes in 2012 against 59,000 t the previous year, mainly due to the sharp rise in prices should continue.

The Kingdom imports two varieties of tea. Gunpowder and Chumee The first, strong enough taste, represents 70% of sales in Morocco. While the second most popular in the south, is the third.

Gunpowder is characterized by its robustness during transport, while the Chumee is more fragile because of its shape. Initially, both come from the same plant.

Worked on different machines, the former has a granular form, while the second is in the form of needles. Moroccan consumes green tea with mint rather than black tea.

Tea is now part of the culture and is widely used in almost every meal. Moroccan tea market is estimated at 1.2 billion dirhams per year, including 50 million for infusions.

Some 400 brands are sold by hundreds of operators. The most important are the Moroccan teas and infusions (Sultan) SOMATHES the Belhassan group, Asta, the Belakhdar group, Belafqih group and Bichra group.

Sultan boasts 30% market with a wide range of green tea in high demand in Morocco, namely the grain (Gunpowder) and the filament (Chunmee).

Moroccan tea brands

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