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Tea in Sweden

Swedish tea market is dominated by four major importers, with over 80% market share. The tea importers sell their products through three central organizations of wholesale or retail in Sweden: Coop Sverige, ICA AB and Handlarna Axfood AB.

The tea market in Sweden

Four major importers, with over 80% market share, dominate the Swedish market. Three majors international brands are market leaders in the Swedish market.

Two international brands still pack tea in Sweden, but most teas are packaged brand in Belgium, England, Germany and Denmark.

Importers tea sell most of their products through the three central organizations of wholesale or retail in Sweden.

Coop Sverige, import and wholesale, ICA AB Handlarna, import and organization of the wholesale and Axfood AB, organization of retail.

These organizations also have their own catering wholesalers who sell to restaurants and canteens. These importers also sell loose tea to tea.

There is a trend towards flavored teas trade sources, flavored teas represent about 32% of the market, the Earl Grey 35%, leaving 33% to other teas.

Most of the Ceylon tea is kind. Green tea has slowly increased its market share to about 6-7%. Most green teas are flavored, non flavored green tea is hard to find in Sweden effect.

Sachets of tea bags occupy about 50% of the market by volume and more than 60% in value, teas bag being much more expensive than loose tea.

Imports of black tea packed come from Belgium, Britain, Germany, France, Denmark and Sri Lanka. Imports of loose green tea from Japan, Ireland and China.

Imports of green tea comes packaged Netherlands, Sri Lanka, China and Hong Kong.

Tea consumption in Sweden

The Swedes are not big tea drinkers. Most people drink tea occasionally, usually as an alternative to coffee. There is no real tradition of tea in Sweden.

Packed tea consumption is sold in packs of 150, 200, 250 and 400 grams. There also remains the tin of 200 grams on the market.

Tea bags, for most paper bags of 2 grams, but also a brand nylon bags are sold in packs of 20, 25, 50 and 100 pieces each. There is, however, a small portion of consumers who regularly drink tea and have very specific preferences.

They like to buy their tea parlors special tea, where they can choose packaged teas and mix their own blends. These stores also sell green teas.

It is estimated that tea shops are up to 20% of the tea market in Sweden.

Some supermarkets have also started to sell tea in this manner, thus increasing the market teas UN mark.

Swedish tea brands

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