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Tea in Taiwan

Most people drink tea in Taiwan, and the tea is not only as a beverage but also as part of the culture.Les most common teas are consumed in Taiwan Oolong and Puers. Black teas and green teas are also very popular.

History of Tea in Taiwan

The tea production in Taiwan

There are 5 districts tea production in Ta ¨ wan. Nantou, Taipei, Hsinchu, Hualien, Taichung

5 main cultivars : Qingxin, Siji Chun, Cuiyu, Jinxuan, Tie GuanYin

1 special cultivar for black tea : T- 18 known for SunMoonLake.

3 types Wulong : Bao Zhong oolong rolled into beads, Wulong parasite.

1 appellation controlled high mountain tea (Gao Shan Cha) : 1000 m minimum, and usually 20-30% oxidation.

3 Methods of aging: "aged" (roasted and frozen for 2-3 years), "cooked" (faux-aged) "Hung Shui" (slightly oxidized coal).

Taiwanese tea Dongfang Mei Ren that can translate Oriental Beauty tea is exceptional in more ways than one altitude. It is also sometimes called Wulong white tip.

This tea comes mainly from villages Xinzhu and Miaoli where it is grown between 600 and 800 meters. Dongfang Mei Ren is a Wulong tea, semi-fermented, therefore, up to 60-80%. Dongfang Mei Ren comes from the Taiwanese popular cultivar : Qing Xin.

Where the Dongfang Mei Ren is particularly original stands in the way of culture. This tea grown without pesticides takes advantage of the presence of a small insect : Leafhopper.

It feeds on the sap of young leaves and buds, forcing the plant to produce two molecules to heal. These are the molecules that give so special aromas Dongfang Mei Ren.

The Bubble Tea, the national drink of Taiwan

It is on the island of Taiwan that bubble tea was invented in the 1980's. The recipe is very simple, cold or hot tea is mixed with flavored milk and various flavors of black tapioca balls are added, hence the name bubble tea.

Though his invention from the 1980's, c is from the 1990's that the drink began to be marketed in the tea rooms.

Two lounges also claim the invention: Chunshui living in Taichung and Tainan Hanling lounge.

Drink meeting early success on the island, mainly among young people who love its taste, its tapioca balls sucking with big straw then "chew", and nomadic style it inspires.

Its success is such that the Zhen Naicha is often considered the national drink of Taiwan. Bubble Tea name was created for its export to the West.

Taiwanese tea brands

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