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Tea in Tunisia

The mint tea is a traditional specialty of Tunisia. The mint tea is a tea obtained by the infusion of green tea leaves and spearmint.

The tea market in Tunisia

The tea, whether green or red, is a state monopoly in Tunisia through the state-owned commercial office in Tunisia.

Difference between the Tunisian mint tea and Moroccan mint tea lies in the fact that in the first we put dried mint and in the second, we put fresh mint.

Gables Tea is a specialty tea Tunisian mint. It is commonly used in ceremonies, family reunions or other get-together. Pinions accompanying tea may be replaced by roasted peanuts or almonds.

History of tea in Tunisia

Tunisians tea discovered much later than Moroccans. In Tunis, they drank in the 18th century Turkish coffee and tea was only an object of curiosity.

In 1766, an English consul offers a crate of tea and sugar to the sovereign but consumption remains limited to a select few throughout the 19th century .

In 1850, the tea is on the market is unknown but Tunis Sfax and Kairouan.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Tunisia is still the country of coffee. Everything changes when the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-12.

In Libya, red tea, was recently adopted by the population and was partly replaced coffee. Red tea Libya invaded not only Tunisia but also Egypt

Tunisian tea brands

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