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Tea in the USA

The tea arrived in America in the mid 1600's, with the Dutch who began to establish a colony in New Amsterdam. Today sales of iced tea account for over 80% of all the tea market in the United States.

The history of tea in the USA

The tea arrived in America in the mid 1600's, with the Dutch who began to establish a colony in New Amsterdam. The colony was ceded to the British who named it New York.

Trade tea, heavily taxed, flourished between the colony and England, which convinced the British parliament to pass the Tea Act (Act tea) to support the precarious financial position of the company.

The Tea Act allowed the British to send tea by boat directly to settlers, without paying custom taxes, and profit excluding merchants in the colony.

The general notion of taxation without representation created a great division among the settlers. Political tensions reached their peak during the "Boston Tea Party" manifestly against the heavy taxes, the colonists dressed as American Indians threw themselves at the water tea merchant ships of the East India Company.

Richard Twinning as well as thousands of independent tea merchants organized a campaign to expose the corrupt practices of the company and not put pressure on the British government to end its monopoly.

It was he finally fatal. During the 1850's, the American clippers began to import tea directly to America from China.

After the collapse of the company and the cancellation of the Navigation Acts, which imposed the tea is sent by ship from England to the colonies ports directly clipper quickly became the transportation favorite tea.

Built for speeds, British and American clippers raced between China and England, taking the best tea auction.

During the 19th century, tea played an important role in the social life in England and America, such as the five o'clock tea . New tea traditions began to develop in America as the increased popularity of the drink.

Tea consumption in the United States

Tea has played an important role in the United States, families tend to gather around the kitchen where tea is often served. Although many may equate tea drink grandmothers, drinking tea is popular for all ages.

To the south of the United States, pre-ground tea, chilled, and sweet tea, a regional favorite, can be served at every meal and throughout the day as an alternative to other beverages.

Iced tea originates from the Universal Exhibition of St. Louis, Missouri, in 1904. A tea merchant, owner of a tea plantation abroad, wanted to taste the visitors free of hot tea.

Samples However, because of the unusually high temperature, the initiative was few takers. To boost sales, he asked for ice cream vendor on the corner. The tradition of American iced tea was born when he added ice to the infusion of hot tea.

Today sales of iced tea at least 80% of the total tea market in the United States. Tea ice is most often consumed during periods of hot weather or in lower latitudes, and the most frequent hot tea in cold weather.

Any confusion when different parts of the country we visit can be easily resolved by explicitly requesting or hot tea or iced tea.

American brands of teas

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