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Tea in Zimbabwe

The tea producing countries in Africa are Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. These African countries produce about 32% of world exports amounting to some 424,000 tonnes.

The tea production in Zimbabwe

The first tea plantation in Zimbabwe was planted in 1924 in the Eastern District of Highland Chipinge. Tea production in Zimbabwe has not really taken off in the 1960's.

Since then, production has increased steadily, although buyers tend to think that the country could well have passed its peak.

Tea production has been widely affected by the current crisis in the agricultural sector of Zimbabwe. However, there is a shortage of skilled labor which forced many farmers to turn to methods of mechanical harvesting.

Both major tea producing regions in eastern Zimbabwe, are Honde valley which Chipinge is located in the southeast. The winters are too cold for tea plants to grow throughout the year and are pruned back to wait for the first rinse the following spring.

Tea plantations in Zimbabwe tend to be large and mechanized. The tea arrives on the international market via the South African port of Durban.

Zimbabwe produces teas that give a mixture bodied brew. Most tea is sold in bags in the UK market. One of the biggest producers and producers of tea Zimbabwe Taganda tea.

Tanganda tea is one of the best-selling tea brand in Central Africa. The company also exports loose tea leaves worldwide.

The zimbabwean tea brands

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