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Sparkling water, Carbonated water

The sparkling water , also called sparkling water, carbonated water, club soda or soda water or in North America, is a water in which one or more gases are dissolved by a natural or artificial action. The bubbles in sparkling water contain carbon dioxide (CO2).

Composition of a gas water

The gas in the sparkling water can be of various origins. Thus, we distinguish :

The domestic gas water

We can now easily make his home carbonated water with household appliances for injecting gas through CO2 rechargeable cylinders.

Carbonated water Brands

Virtually all brands of spring water or mineral water offer flavored water, sparkling or not.
For example :

Brands of mineral water

Mineral waters  Link to the page of mineral water brands

Brands of flavored waters

Flavored waters  Link to the page of sparkling water brands

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