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The mineral water in Chile

The sale of bottled water in Chile continues to grow in 2012. Chileans are increasingly interested in healthy lifestyles and bottled water is a category of products that meets the health and wellness trend, especially given the large number of overweight people in the country.

Market Chilean mineral water

The market for bottled flavored water is booming in Chile. Water is seen as a healthy fruit juice or sodas alternative. In addition, a masculinization of flavored waters takes place in the Chilean market.

Initially marketed to women, flavored waters used for labeling and packaging shades of pink or purple tones. Recently brands have launched new lines of flavored water with a neutral labeling and marketing oriented.

Aguas CCU / Nestlé dominates the Chilean market of bottled water in 2012, with 45% market share. The company owns the largest brand Cachantun which enjoys 41% share value.

Chilean mineral water consumption

The Chilean bottled water consumption continues to increase due to the inclusion of new flavors, packaging and favorable in the country that helped to sustain healthy growth economic conditions.

Chilean brands of mineral water

From Aonni to Puyehue. 6 links