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The flavored water

Waters are a good alternative to sugary drinks. The flavored water, with only 4.5% of water sold is experiencing strong growth in volumes. Perrier is the leader with 42% market share in volume, while sales of flavored waters Salvetat increased by 29% between 2011 and 2010.

Definition of flavored water

Water flavored brands are based on natural mineral water. Conversely, some store brands are made ​​with spring water, others cut tap water. Were currently three types of flavored waters, depending on their sugar intake.

The composition must be checked on the label.

Flavored waters Brands

Virtually all brands of spring water or mineral water offer flavored water, sparkling or not.

For example:

Brands of carbonated water

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Brands of mineral water

Mineral waters  Link to the page of mineral water brands

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