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Mineral water in France

The average consumption of bottled water in France in 2011 was 113 liters per year. A figure which places France among the largest European consumers of bottled water, far ahead of Britain with 25 liters or 21 liters Netherlands. But remain champions Germany; 171 liters and Italy 179 liters.

Mineral water market in France

The industry of natural mineral waters in France represents an important economic weight.

It generated in 2004 a turnover of € 3.5 billion, which represents 2.5% of total French food industry ( € 140 billion).

Approximately 6.5 billion gallons of bottled water, 3.6 billion liters of spring water were sold in 2012 in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Production of mineral water is distributed in France between the flat water (85%) and soft water (15%).

Structure of the sector in France

The market for water table is very concentrated (83%). Three operators dominate : Danone, Nestlé and Alma Group (51% owned by Roxane group and 49% by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka).

France is the world's largest exporter of mineral water. Exports account for a third of the national production and are mainly directed towards the Benelux, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.

The French brands of mineral water

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