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The mineral water in Italy

Italians are the largest consumers of bottled water in the world with 179 liters per capita per year in 2011, before the German with 171 liters. The average annual cost is about 300 euros for each Italian family.

Market for mineral water in Italy

Approximately 250 brands of mineral water are present in Italy, bottled under their trade names with an indication of where they are drawn and bottled.

These 250 brands are controlled by 160 companies, with a turnover of almost 3 billion euros, representing a production of more than 11 billion liters per year and corresponds to about 12% of world production of mineral water which is about 90 billion liters.

Italy is a country rich in water point generally very high quality.

These points are partially water used for the production of bottled water, partly to the water distribution network.

Italian mineral water consumption

Italians are the largest consumers of water in the world. Over the past ten years, the production of natural mineral water increased from 6,100 million liters to 9,150 million liters.

Nearly half of the Italian population prefers water bottle with tap water and, on average, each person drinks half a liter per day.

Italian brands of mineral water

From Acetosella to Valverde. 45 liens