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Mineral water in Japan

The Japanese market for bottled water has increased from 26% in 2011, following the water contamination after the Fukushima disaster. We expected a decline in the market in 2012, but the category of bottled water showed a positive growth of 1% by volume.

Bottled water market in Japan

Japan, bottled water has had an exceptional year in 2011, with growth of 26% in volume. This after the earthquake in March 2011, tsunami and radiation leakage unprecedented Fukushima plant, which has contaminated tap water.

Faced with a national emergency, the Japanese government has asked the main water suppliers to increase their production and easing regulations on imported water bottle.

Special needs procurement after the earthquake led to the spectacular growth of bottled water in 2011. After such a year abnormal, the industry is expecting a contraction in 2012, but the category of bottled water recorded a positive growth of 1% by volume.

Suntory Holdings has maintained its leading position in bottled water in Japan 2012, which represents a total volume fraction of 25%. This is due to strong sales of its flagship brand, Tennensui , which represented 18% of sales volume of bottled water in 2012.

To capitalize on the growing popularity of home delivery services of bottled water, the The company has strengthened service delivery for its brand Tennensui.

In alliance with Toshiba, the company began to lease water coolers at home in four prefectures in the Kanto region.

Though sales Tennensui with service delivery accounted for less than 1% of total sales of the brand, the company's attempt to broaden the channels is likely to be beneficial in the future.

Japanese mineral water consumption

Japanese brands of mineral water

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