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Mineral water in Korea

Jeju Samdasoo bottled water is the most sold in Korea. Cho Jung , mineral water in South Korea is considered by the World Association of mineral as one of the top three mineral waters waters in the world.

The market for bottled water in Korea

Despite the high prices, consumers tend to buy brands of premium waters for health and well-being.

Trend has even led the market to create a new job, sommeliers water. A sommeliers waters are now engaged to assist and advise consumers in large range of shops and specialty stores water above.

Nong Shim Co, with its brand Jeju Samdasoo, maintained first place in the Korean water bottle with 20% share by volume in 2012.

However, the competitive landscape of bottled water is changing in 2013.

Jeju Development Corporation has terminated its exclusive distribution contract with Nong Shim for brand Jeju Samdasoo. Human retail returned to Kwang Dong Pharm, since December 2012.

Water source Cho-Jung

There is a well known mineral water in South Korea, called Cho-Jung . It is considered by the World Association of mineral waters as one of the three best mineral waters in the world with Shasta , mineral water of the United States and Naplinas an English mineral water.

Cho-jung, who was discovered currently 600, is a natural mineral water with lots of radium. It was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is famous for its mineral water of good quality which has excellent therapeutic properties.

This water flows from the limestone rock 100 meters underground and is so abundant that it sells a lot, both within Korea and abroad.

Korean mineral water consumption

Korean brands of mineral water

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