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Mineral water in Senegal

The market for mineral and spring water is one of the fastest growing food sector in Senegal. Mineral water Kirène holds 70% market share, followed by Safi and Fontaine. However, the Senegalese industry bottled water is moving very fast.

Mineral water market Senegal

Long dominated by imports, mineral water market has gradually developed in Senegal, with the emergence of new businesses. Until October 2001, the local supply was represented by the Société Anonyme Mineral Water of Senegal (SAEMS) whose activity was taken over by the Company Bottling and Packaging (SEMCO), which produces and sells mineral water natural under the brand Fontaine.

Through its flagship brand Kirène, the Siagro group, based in Dakar, holds more than 70% of the Senegalese market mineral water, 65 million liters per year. It now diversified into fruit juices and milk.

Besides the imported bottled water, including Evian, which remains the reference mark, three mineral water produced in Senegal share the domestic market, Kirène, Safi and Fontaine.

However, Senegalese sector bottled water is moving very fast. Bottle of water Montrolland that was until the early 2000's the only natural mineral water and marketed by a Senegalese national society, in the region of Thies, has virtually disappeared today.

More recently,
Valentine water bottle, relatively well known, became found in supermarkets as in small Senegalese retailers.

Senegalese consumption of mineral water

Senegalese brands of mineral water

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