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Mineral water in Sweden

The Swedish water quality is among the best in the world. And yet, the Swedes are great consumers of bottled water. There are about 12 brands of bottled mineral water in Sweden.

Mineral water market in Sweden

The two main actors are Carlsberg Sverige and Spendrups Bryggeri with shares trade volume by 35% and 28% in 2012.

The two largest brands Carlsberg Sverige were Ramlösa and Imsdal, the largest brand Spendrups Bryggeri is Loka.

The leading position of Carlsberg Sverige is mainly due to the properties of natural mineral water bottled Ramlösa which is considered a high quality mineral water. Ramlösa the brand is also available in soft waters, flavored waters.

In 2004 Loka Ramlösa exceeded for the first time in the history of bottled water in Sweden and became the hallmark of Swedish mineral water sold in most countries.

Swedish mineral water consumption

Swedish brands of mineral water

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