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Mineral water in Switzerland

In Switzerland, bottled water took only of importance during the 20th century. There are a hundred years, the consumption of bottled water was less than two liters per capita annually. In the middle of last century, it was still less than ten liters. Today, it largely exceeds 100 liters.

Market for mineral water in Switzerland

Mineral water bottling in Switzerland from more than 20 different sources. In Switzerland, now the preference for non-carbonated mineral water.

Swiss mineral water suppliers take into account new consumer habits by offering free carbon dioxide products.

Non carbonated Swiss mineral waters have not yet been able to establish itself vis-à-vis imported water: 25% of mineral water consumed in Switzerland are flat, and only 10% of imported spirits are flat.

Swiss mineral water consumption

Swiss consumption of mineral water exceeded for the first time, the limit of 100 million liters in 1964. Today, the Swiss consumption is more than 900 million liters.

Swiss brands of mineral water

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