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Mineral water in Taiwan

More than 30 percent of bottled water sold in Taipei is nothing more than tap water, according to results of a recent survey conducted by the city authorities and environmental protection and on Monday April 21, 2014.

Bottled water market in Taiwan

In fact, twelve of the 34 items tested by the Department of Environmental Protection of Taipei City were tap water purified by manufacturers before the sale.

Ten products reviewed, or 29 percent, water use groundwater, while eight use mineral water from artesian sources.

Remaining four products were tested seawater!

Authorities urged residents to tap water consumption, explaining that is much cheaper than bottled water and is more environmentally friendly in its manufacturing process.

Bottled water is 2,500 times more expensive than tap water, the ministry noted, and generates average 2,350 times more carbon dioxide during its manufacture, delivery and recycling.

In 2012, Uni-President has dominated sales of water in bottle with 15% value share. In addition, Uni-President has seen the largest increase in the value of sales in 2012.

Taiwanese mineral water consumption

Taiwanese brands of mineral water