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Mineral water in Tunisia

The industry in Tunisia dates back to the early twentieth century. The first unit of bottling water from a natural source was built in 1904 Korbous source Oktor Ain, followed by Ain Melliti to Teboursouk then Ain Garci Enfidha.

Tunisian market mineral water

In Tunisia, there are two specific standards for packaged water. There is the standard NT08.83 dating from 2007, which is the general standard for drinking water packaged in bottles dedicated to natural sources of water and water table.

And the second, NT09.33 also from 2007, it is dedicated to natural mineral waters. From 1995 to 2010, the sale of mineral waters rose from 110 million to 740 million bottles and 11 new packaged water units were created for bottling mineral water.

Capacity overall production has increased from 29,000 to 350,000 bottles per hour.

Tunisian consumption of mineral water

Tunisians consumed 1.1 billion liters of bottled water in 2012, approximately 800 million bottles, an increase of 4.22% compared to 2011.

Tunisia occupies the 11th place worldwide consumption of packaged water.

The average consumption of Tunisia, packed in water is estimated in 2012 to 105 liters, against 44 liters in 2007 to 12 liters in 1995.

In 2011, Tunisia ranks 11th place worldwide consumption of packaged water, just behind the United States, Mexico, China, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, France, Thailand and Spain.

Tunisian brands of mineral water

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