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Mineral water in Vietnam

Foreign brands still hold the upper hand in the market for bottled water in Vietnam. Aquafina by Pepsi with 40 percent market share, followed closely by La Vie with 30 percent market share.

Bottled water market in Vietnam

Tap water is not potable throughout Vietnam, and must even be boiled before drinking. In most places, households still need to filter the water, either before or after cooking to remove certain toxic substances.

Most Vietnamese do not have device filtering water at home.

In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 20,000 people in Vietnam die each year from contaminated water and poor hygiene.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the health problems the quality of tap water, and are willing to spend more money on bottled water, especially in large urban areas.

Moreover, the good performance of bottled water can also be attributed to because it is still considered one of the healthiest among all soft drinks choice.

In 2012, the six main groups of consumer products in Vietnam, drinks saw the strongest growth, with 15 percent in volume and 28 percent in value, respectively, higher than the dairy, food and cigarettes

There are four major brands on the market of bottled water in Vietnam; Aquafina Pepsi Co, The Life of Nestlé, Coca-Cola Dasani and Vinh Hao.

PepsiCo led the category of bottled water in Vietnam with nearly 30% share of value trade off, followed closely by La Vie Joint Venture Co 26%.

Market is dominated by a few foreign companies and a host of local manufacturers.

Vietnamese mineral water consumption

Vietnamese brands of mineral water

From Awa to Vinh Hao. 6 links