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Wine without alcohol  Halal wines

Wine without alcohol or alcohol-free wine, officially beverage alcohol-free wine is a type of wine manufactured to contain only very low alcohol content. The oldest patent alcohol-free wine dates back to 1908 and was deposed by the Germans.

Definition of low alcohol wine

The wine appellation in the strict sense is reserved for products measuring at least 8 or 9 ° alcohol, according to the grape varieties and regions.

First, alcohol is the second component in volume after the water and it is difficult to extract without causing other compounds, in particular aromas.

Initially, they were designed for a clientele consisting of diabetic athletes and pregnant women, but are now trying to seduce all those wishing not to consume alcohol.

Oldest patent dates back to 1908 and was deposed by the Germans.

Wines without alcohol contains 0.3 alcohol level, and are three times less calories than the alcoholic wine.

The taste is approaching without being able to fully compare wine, alcohol is not the vehicle flavors tasting.

One can find non-alcoholic white wine, rosé wine without alcohol, red wine without alcohol and even champagne without alcohol.

Dealcoholizing methods

The further one goes in the dealcoholisation more entrained compounds are numerous. The process of removing alcohol used for wine without alcohol can limit the loss of these valuable components.

It consists of evaporating alcohol wine in the absence of any oxidation phenomenon during distillation under partial vacuum at low temperature (40 ° C). Of reverse osmosis processes are also studied.

Wine without alcohol is a product diversification vine that meets market demand. Control the development of this drink heavily de-alcoholized allows to consider mastering the entire range between 0 and 12% alcohol.

Non-alcoholic wines brands

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